If your like me, telemarketer's are the last people on earth I want to talk to. I do not believe there is a full proof method to get rid of those nasty calls, but the following is a good start.

1. Register your home and cell phone on to be placed on do not call list.

2. Register the same numbers on your State's do not call list.

3. Get an unlisted number.

4. If available, attach a telemarketing screen on your phone. It can identify family and friends and provide a pre-recorded 

   message that asks for an opt out of telemarketing calls.

5. Be prepared. Know what to say before the calls arrive.

      A. Ask for the callers name.

      B. Ask for the company name.

      C. Ask for the company phone number and address.

      D. Request to be added to their "do not call list".

      E. HANG UP.

6. Contact (Direct Marketing Association) to report abuse and further understand your rights.